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We provide luxury mobile spa and salón services in the Cabo area (San Jose, Cabo San Lucas, Todos Santos, Puerto los Cabos, and Los Barriles).
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Exfoliations and Scrubs

Do you know the difference between an exfoliation and a scrub? An exfoliation is done to remove dead skin cells to reveal more youthful looking skin while a scrub softens the skin. Both are beneficial and your skin will thank you!
fresh mint body exfoliation
Fresh mint body exfoliation
The Fresh Mint Body Exfoliation uses mint, pecan, herbal extracts, and almond granules to remove dead skin cells from the body. It will leave your body feeling refreshed and invigorated. This is the perfect exfoliation for hot weather.

  • $ 100.00 – 60 minutes
exotic tangerine body scrub
Exotic tangerine body scrub
The Exotic Tangerine Body Scrub is an exfoliation that uses salt crystals immersed in nourishing milk made of tangerine and grapefruit extracts that will leave your body with a sophisticated citrus scent you will love. Your skin will be cleaned, shaped, and firmed.

  • $ 100.00 - 60 minutes (approx)
wine body scrub
Wine body scrub
The Wine Body Scrub is a combination of red wine, blueberries, apples, and blackcurrant. This scrub is full of antioxidants and it will rejuvenate your skin and leave it feeling fresh.

  • $ 100.00 - 60 minutes (approx)
Cacao oatmeal exfoliation
Cacao oatmeal exfoliation
The Cacao Oatmeal Scrub’s active materials will protect your skin and leave it looking radiant and smooth. Cacao is rich in antioxidants and has mood boosting properties. Oatmeal removes and absorbs impurities while exfoliating your skin. The result is glowing skin.

  • $ 100.00 - 60 minutes

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